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The ImanWay Site

we seek to build an environment where Muslims can feel at ease to discuss and show the truth of Islam with non-Muslims in a friendly and easy-going environment.Don`t hesitate to register with us


The ImanWay English Forum

“Le moment n’est-il pas venu pour ceux qui ont cru, que leurs cœurs s’humilient à l’évocation d’Allah et devant ce qui est descendu de la vérité (le Coran)? Et de ne point être pareils à ceux qui ont reçu le Livre avant eux. Ceux-ci trouvèrent le temps assez long et leurs cœurs s’endurcirent, et beaucoup d’entre eux sont pervers” (Sourate Al-Hadid, V. 16)Enregistrez vous maintenant! C’est gratuit !et n’hésitez pas à participer


Forum Francais

To Submit & Read articles regarding Islam, Modern World, News ,discussions,debates,general topics & many more.


Truth-zone YahooGroup

Discover Islam – The Fastest Growing Religion in the World !
Learn about The Real Islam !Correct your information about Islam,
The Misunderstood Religion


Sultan Site

one of the accomplishments of Al-Rabwa Office for Islamic Call and Guidance.Objectives :

1. Calling non-Muslim community members to Islam.

2. Correcting the misconceptions and wrong stereotypes about Islam, and conveying the right concepts.

3. Providing religious support to new Muslim converts and educating them about Islamic practices.

4. Strengthening the Islamic ties of brotherhood between new Muslims and the Islamic community.

5. Educating Muslims, in a variety of languages, about the Islamic aqeedah and manners.

6. Preparing Muslim individuals from different countries to call people to Islam upon returning back to their own homeland.

7. Cooperating with other Islamic organizations and institutions.

8. Spreading Islamic knowledge.

9. Deepening Islamic concepts and values in the minds of the Muslim masses.


Islam House Site

Someone has set out an intellectual journey through the world to find and know the Creator of the universe. After traveling in the realms of kinds of creatures, he said to himself: ‘I am seeking the Creator and Owner of this universe amidst these creatures. I should therefore before all else visit Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, and seek from him the answer to my quest.’ He enters by imagination the blessed age of the Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace and blessings, and sees that that era really was an era of happiness for mankind by virtue of that being, who, as confirmed even by his enemies, is the most blessed of the whole creation, the greatest and the most accomplished commander, and the most celebrated ruler among them, the most exalted in speech and the most brilliant in intellect, and who has enlightened fourteen centuries with his virtues and with his Qur’an.


Prophet Mohammad`s pbuh Page

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